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I'm tired of being alone, every night, every night. PREVIOUS: For real.
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  • RT @sjsofabulous: Imagine all the panelists need to guess the perfect lyrics for our "baby give me candle light" hahahahhahaha #SUPERJUNIOR #SORRYSORRY.
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  • See also Ella's Song by Bernice Johnson Reagon on page 78 in Rise Again (which also utilizes lyrics drawn from Ella Baker's writings).
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    Lord, give me light, give me light That I might find my way Lord, give me light.

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  • class=" fc-falcon">Sing Out 42:3.
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  • [Intro] Fm Eb Db Eb [Verse 1] Fm Eb Fear, don't you find me now Db Eb Don't you make me blind no, no, don't you tie me down Fm Eb And love, don't you go so far Db Eb Don't leave me in the cold no, no, don't keep me in the dark [Chorus] Ab Db Eb Fm All along the road, give me light, give me light Eb Ab Db I'm tired of being.
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